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We want to help you kick off CX improvements today. When you sign up for a custom consultation with our senior team, you’ll see how you can:

  • Obtain better insight into customer and agent behavior.
  • Analyze chat transcripts easily through our intuitive software.
  • Create personalized data-driven agent training programs.
  • Collect more accurate survey results and predictive responses.
  • Track improvements and pull intelligent reports.
  • Improve employee engagement.
  • Truly get a window into how your customers see you.
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Take a Deep Dive into Your Unique Project

Go below the surface of your processes to learn how to optimize customer experience and meet your unique CX goals.

Meet with Our Senior Team and Get an Actionable Plan with a Five-Step Review of Your CX Project.

We start by enlisting several of our most experienced executives to come to you. They’ll meet with your key stockholders and take a deep dive into your current technology, operations, and CX management infrastructure.

We will conduct a thorough investigation into: 

  • Your current tech stack
  • Your operational cadence
  • Your training process
  • Your coaching process

Following an extensive review of your existing operations, we generate a Future State Design outlining a clear picture of how Zacoustic’s customer experience solutions will help you achieve your CX goals. The presentation includes:

  • Technical integration
  • Disposition alignment
  • Calibration plan
  • Leveraging insights
  • QA optimization 
  • High-level project plan
  • Timeline

Rather than replace your current procedures, we seek to optimize your operations by supporting them with calibrated data.

Using Zacoustic’s agent-customer calibration in tandem with our customer experience solutions, we can generate insights into Average Handle Time, First Contact Response, Reason for Contact, and other invaluable analytics that can lead to better coaching and customer experience.


Keep Your Firewall Intact

We want you to feel secure about our products and services. That’s why we’ll never breach your organization’s firewall while we evaluate your processes.

Our goal is to evaluate your customer experience workflows and processes, so we only need the numerical IDs of your agents and the start/stop time of the calls. All sensitive data, including PCI and PII data, stays safe and secure behind your firewall.



Bring Unprecedented Data to the Forefront.


Most SMS or IVR platforms provide less than 10% of the data you need to make critical CX decisions. Our customer experience platform brings together a suite of tools and analytics that go far beyond the basic data you get with other products. 

We know that the customer experience data you need — from Average Handle Time to Reason for Contact to Sales Conversions — will be unique to your project. That’s why our platform is robust and flexible, providing high-quality data to improve your operations. 

Using Zacoustic’s Employee-Customer Calibration, predictive analytics via the Harmony Dashboard, and best practice insights in QA Vision, we arm both supervisors and employees with precise survey data to not only engage in coaching and address QA concerns, but also effectively target problem areas and highlight successes. 

All information is delivered in real-time so your managers can deliver prompt attention to unsatisfactory processes, target coaching to struggling employees, and implement best practices. The result is better-performing employees and highly-attuned person-to-person interactions.


"We've used Zacoustic as our baseline to develop our coaching program for agents and it's integral to our process."

- Jim Burnham,
Director Customer Experience,
Premier Video Game Publisher


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